ALLATRA crowdsourcing with Conscience

is a platform that unites people for the realization of socially important projects.

Our motto:
"Good in Action!"

Crowdsourcing - to become a member

If you are a Person:

  • who act in pure altruism;
  • for whom good deeds are a continuation of the internal state;
  • and you think that the people united by platform are able to solve any issue.
Crowdsourcing Projects

If your project:

  • is socially important for society and helps to improve people's living conditions;
  • promotes the unification of people on the basis of cultural and moral values;
Crowdsourcing for uniting people

The Team of the Platform offers:

  • placing your idea on the platform;
  • support in informing people about your initiative;
  • equal, honest relationships.

Public projects
social, charitable, scientific

General information
sponsor of the project:

Everyone recognizes her voice!

Crowdsourcing platform “ALLATRA crowdsourcing with Conscience” is an opportunity to unite many people for realization of any project that carries a creative idea. In terms of its internal content, the platform is a unique global phenomenon, since its CEO is Conscience. It is not commercial and created for people.

The task of the platform: to unite people who are striving to live not by the mundane self of their ego, but acting already today for the benefit of others due to their inner needs.

As a consequence, such a unity becomes the foundation for the predominance of friendship and mutual assistance between people in our society. And this is a necessary condition for realizing in practice the model of a creative society that many sane people dream about. When the veil that temporarily separates people falls, many problems will simply disappear. Answers to questions about how to create such a constructive peaceful society, we found in the book of Anastasia Novych "AllatRa". This knowledge awakens in everyone the desire to act!

We do not expect that someone will come and build a better future for us. Together we create it!